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Chargers Athletics

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Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School

Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School

Team News.

Team News

Today @ 12:13AM

Updates: Team Site, Leadership Meeting, New Coaches, and Personal Fitness

Good Evening,

We have revised the website we created and shared a few weeks ago so that an FCPS account is no longer required to access the page. We hope this makes it easier for parents/guardians to access information! The more accessible site can be found here. 

Even if you were able to view the previous version, please take a moment to review the site carefully. Among other information, you will find important dates for the off-season, passing league/camp information and registration links as well information about the Off-Season Point System.

Weight Room and Meetings

The off-season is fully underway and although we have a core of dedicated young men working together, our numbers still aren't where they need to be. If they are not in Personal Fitness, please continue to encourage your son to join us three days per week in the weight room. Sessions are open during Charger Time and after school.

Please continue to sign-up for one-on-one meetings with Coach Curry.

Leadership Meeting and Additions to the Coaching Staff

Just a reminder that this Thursday (1/25) at 7 pm we will have our first Leadership/Core Values meeting. It will be held in the CHS Lecture Hall (across from the Library). All players interested in helping shape the culture of the program should try to attend! We will also introduce five of our program's new coaches. We look forward to working toward a new culture as well welcoming our new coaches to Chantilly Football.

Personal Fitness Sign-Up

With course selection just around the corner for the '18-'19 school year, it is important that we stress the benefits of taking Personal Fitness as an elective.

It is absolutely imperative that we make Personal Fitness a major part of the Chantilly Football Culture, especially for Sophomores and Juniors. If we hope to become a competitive program, committing to the weight room is not optional. To compete within our district, our athletes need to lift weights year-round, multiple times per week, in a structured environment. This has to be priority number one until we close the significant gap that exists between CHS and the programs on our schedule. If athletes truly want to be successful, they have two options: carve out three afternoons a week to lift after school from the end of the season until summer workouts begin or elect to take personal fitness. If neither path is taken, we will continue to struggle.

CHS is fortunate to have one of the best Directors of Student Services in all of Virginia in Ms. Robyn Lady. If a parent/guardian or athlete has questions or reservations about enrolling in Personal Fitness and its impact on the college application process, please feel free to reach out to her directly at

In addition to helping improve our ability to compete against the best teams in the area, there are added academic benefits as well.

  • Students will have one less class to worry about in terms of homework thus allowing more time to work/study for core classes (the classes that matter most for college admissions).
  • Students will have more free time to pursue other interests thus reducing the likelihood of school-induced stress/anxiety.
  • Personal Fitness is best way for multi-sport athletes to participate in the all of the sports they love while simultaneously improving strength and athleticism
  • Football players are NOT expected to participate in after/before school strength and conditioning sessions if they are enrolled in Personal Fitness! Our athletes will not feel pulled in multiple directions because of football nor will they find their time monopolized by off-season workouts!
  • Successful participation in Personal Fitness earns 100 points in our off-season point system.
  • Exercise is proven to improve cognitive ability: see reason number two from a list published in Time

Thank you for your continued support of Chantilly Football.

Team News

1 week ago @ 3:30PM

Off-Season Information

Good Afternoon,

We hope everyone had a pleasant and enjoyable holiday season. Despite the crazy weather, we have had a busy start to 2018! We have added some quality men to our coaching staff, started our off-season strength and conditioning program, and have outlined the rest of our winter and spring. Additionally, we have created a website to supplement that can be found here. If you have trouble accessing the site as a parent, please have your athlete login using their account.

Leadership Meetings

As we enter our first off-season in the building, the coaching staff is looking forward to making some significant improvements to how we spend the winter/spring off-season. One significant change will be the addition of monthly "Leadership Meetings". These meetings will have less to do with Xs and Os and more to do with the culture and state of the program. These meetings are open to all interested players regardless of experience or age. 

These meetings will be related to program development and our attempt to deliberately create a positive culture/leadership within the program. 

We will hold one meeting per month throughout the spring. Dates will be set to work around the schedules of the varsity “in-season” sports in which our athletes are most likely to participate (winter: wrestling/basketball; spring: lax/baseball) so that everyone has an opportunity to participate in our meetings. 

Our first meeting will be two weeks from now on Thursday, January 25 at 7 pm in the Lecture Hall.  The first meeting will focus on Core Values and team rules.

Meetings for Feb, March, April, May are TBD based on our CHS Varsity Sports schedules.

Off-Season Point System

To create additional incentives this off-season, we have established scoring criteria to help guide our players' off-season efforts.

The concept is simple: do right and earn points. Outside of losing points for negative behaviors, this system is based almost entirely on rewarding positive behaviors, not punishing negative behaviors. A number of players have provided feedback regarding incentives/rewards. The most frequently identified incentive was the selection of equipment and jersey numbers; therefore, among other rewards and recognition throughout the off-season, the top point earners will have the first choice of equipment and jerseys numbers.

Although equipment will be distributed for camps, there will be plenty of opportunities to rise (or fall) on the leaderboard between equipment issue and jersey selection. Scoring Criteria can be found on the new site linked at the beginning or by accessing this document.

Important Dates and Camp Information

Please find dates for workouts, passing league, camps, and equipment issue by accessing this document.  The abbreviated outline is as follows:

Passing League at Evergreen Sportsplex:

  • April 8, 15, 22, 29, May 6, 13, 20

Register here for passing league.  7v7 Passing League is open to anyone interested in playing. 

  • Combo Camp will run June 11, 12, 13, and 14. Registration information is forthcoming. 
  • Team Camp will be at Evergreen Sportsplex running from July 9, 10, 11, and 12. Register here.
  • Freshman Camp will at Evergreen Sportsplex running from July 9, 10, 11, and 12. Register here.

Player/Coach Meetings

Players should sign-up for a meeting with Coach Curry using this link. We ask that all players pick three potential dates. A schedule will be made and shared via Google Classroom and our new Google Site. After school meetings will occur Monday through Thursday and will last approximately 10 minutes. If there is an after school conflict that cannot be avoided, players need to make arrangements with Coach to meet during the school day.

We are excited about the future of the program and committed to our players' development not only as athletes but as young men as well.
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