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Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School

Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School

Team News.

Team News

1 week ago @ 11:13PM

Off-Season Strength Training

Happy New Year! We hope all of our families had a wonderful holiday season and winter break. The 2019 Off-Season is officially upon us!

To allow greater scheduling flexibility for athletes and families, we are again providing multiple opportunities for athletes to complete their weekly strength training. The best option is to enroll in Personal Fitness. In addition to "P-Fit" classes, the weight room will be open AFTER school on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:10-4:15 and BEFORE school on Fridays at 6:45 am. Additionally, athletes may come to the weight room during Charger Time on A Days. The expectation is that athletes complete three strength sessions per week. Ideally, the workouts are completed on non-consecutive days to ensure recovery, but that is not a requirement. Any combination of after school, before school, or CT will suffice. Athletes may attend the sessions that suit their schedule for any given week.

We are thrilled to share that for the first time in at least five or six years, the majority of our sophomores and juniors are enrolled in Personal FitnessThese athletes meet strength and conditioning requirements by simply attending class and are not expected to attend additional sessions; however, those athletes are welcome to come support teammates and/or supplement their training during other windows.

All freshman and upperclassmen not enrolled in PFit will need to attend sessions either after/before school or during CT. Multisport athletes are expected to lift with the program during the winter and spring seasons. All athletes and sports benefit from improving strength, power, explosiveness, and flexibility. We lift in the fall and expect the same the rest of the year. We do not expect athletes who are in-season for other sports to condition or participate in Green Day practices. We are still closing the gap between our program and the top teams in our district and region: the weight room will play a vital role in this endeavor must continue to be a priority. We are on the right track!

Attendance will be taken for each session via a Google form. Athletes will access the form through the QR Code posted on the football bulletin board in the weight room. 

We will continue the Reward System that was established last year to help guide our off-season efforts. 

The concept is simple: do right and earn points. Outside of losing points for negative behaviors, this system is based entirely on rewarding positive behaviors, not punishing negative behaviors. The system was created around the feedback provided by the players themselves and rewards include possible conditioning test exemption, the first choice of equipment and jersey numbers, etc. There will be ample opportunity for athletes to rise (or fall) on the leader board throughout the off-season.

Athletes will earn points for their performance and dedication in a number of areas that relate to strength and conditioning and behavior/leadership within the program and school. The point system can be found here.

Information about leadership/culture meetings, player-coach meetings, green days etc. will be shared in the near future and throughout the off-season.  

We look forward to a productive, challenging, fun, and rewarding off-season!
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