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Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School

Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School

Team News.

Team News

3.0 weeks ago @ 11:28AM

Updates for the Week of April 25, 2022

Good Morning!

We hope you had a great weekend. Now that is functional again (we couldn't share files for a while), please take a moment to review our most recently updated "Important Dates" document. You will see that there are hyperlinks in the document that will take you to separate pages for Physical night and our two camps. Please see below for more information. 

Important Dates

A list of important dates can be found here. We will share modifications and updates as they occur.


For the first time since 2019, both of our normal camps are on as scheduled! For those new to the program, here is a quick breakdown of the camps: 

  • Camps are highly productive and participation is encouraged but it is not required.
  • They are operated by a third party, and there are registration fees.
  • Equipment is provided, but transportation is not.

Our first camp is called "Combo Camp" and will be held the week of June 6. We have an early release schedule that week due to exam schedules. Equipment will be issued to registered players prior to the camp. This camp will be held at EC Lawrence Park.

Our "Team Camp" will take place the week of July 18. This camp is held in the evening at Westfield HS. 

Physical Night

Ms. Bishop has asked us to share information regarding physical night. It is a quick and easy way to ensure all paperwork is submitted prior to the season!

As always, we appreciate your support of Chantilly Football!

Team News

2.0 months ago @ 7:14PM

Updates for the Week of March 14, 2022

Good Evening!

We hope everyone has enjoyed both the sneak peek of spring and (hopefully) the last taste of winter!

Workouts will continue this week with opportunities to get sessions in during Charger Time and/or after school M/W/F. 

As you may recall from previous blasts, we maintain an off-season leader board. One of the main criteria is attending off-season workouts. Traditionally, we will periodically share the attendance of our sessions. We'd like to commend all of our athletes for their commitment thus far. Below is simply a snapshot of the program's work thus far this off-season. No individual should "rest on their laurels," nor should anyone feel as though they are too far behind. Each day is an opportunity to either get better or get worse. Our actions reflect our choices.

Last Name First Name Sessions Attended 
Berglie Henry 20
Smoot Chase 20
Sisung Elijah 18
Mallick Zayaan 17
Amaya Rony 16
Navarro Carlos 16
Swope Eli 15
Tinkoff Noah 15
Lokhandwala Mustaali 14
Martinez Dario 14
Alani Hamzah 13
Boucher Charlie 13
Argel Luke 12
Fletcher Andrew 11
Leon Martine Alan 11
Orr Dylan 11
Speredelozzi Jack 11
Fisher Ian 10
Morrad Elias 10
Fernandez Matthew 9
Hill Owen 9
Mallick Haaris 9
Meza Dennis 9
Tilley Luke 9
Bonshock Evan 8
Jencks Tyler 8
Umpierre Fernando 8
alsaadi rafat 7
Carpe Garrett 7
Dougherty Skylar 7
Joari Ahmed 7
Quinonez Eddy 7
Smith Mekhi 7
Wienke Connor 7
Malpartida Daniel 6
Aliste Alejandro 5
alsaadi mussa 5
Caywood Alex 5
Friedman Jeffrey 5
Hogan Alec 5
Carter Jeremiah 4
caywood Nick 4
Halpern Jackson 4
Kargbo AJ 4
woessner andrew 4
Basata Dylan 3
Cordova Leo 3
Lee Nolan 3
Zapata Andrew 3
Asatryan Feliks 2
Masich Tyler 2
Plaugher Andrew 2
Purvis Daniel 2
Sheanh Rishi 2
Singh Anik 2
Tatum Vaughn 2
Von der Heyde Bill 2
Agyeman Kevin 1
George William 1
Gonzalez Angel 1
Hakemi Shahrokh 1
kim caleb 1
Lynch James 1
Medina Eddy 1
Meny Ethan 1
Ross Evan 1
Sarkar Om 1
Schuetz Stephen 1
Spurlin Ben 1
t Skylar 1
Waheed Abdul 1

*These numbers reflect an athlete's self-reported attendance; athletes are expected to sign in each session. 

*This list does not include those athletes who are enrolled in Personal Fitness.  

We look forward to getting back to work this week!

As always, thank you for your support of Chantilly football!

Team News

2.0 months ago @ 8:51PM

Updates for the Week of March 7, 2022

Good Evening!

The Spring Dead Period has concluded. We wish our athletes the best of luck competing for Chantilly this spring!

We will resume strength training tomorrow after school. 

  • Sessions will continue to run M/W/F, 3:10-4:10
  • Non-Pfit athletes should attend all three sessions.
  • Athletes playing spring sports for CHS but are not in PFit should visit the weight room during Charger Time.
  • If your spring season coach is prohibiting strength training, they are inhibiting your long-term development of the athlete. We will work with you to adjust programming to match the demands of being an in-season athlete. However, cutting off strength training altogether is unnecessary and borderline irresponsible. 
  • Club/Rec/Travel teams do not supersede varsity football.
  • Personal/private training is supplemental and does not take precedent over varsity football; team culture is developed in the weight room and off-season.
  • Success in the fall, both for the individual and the program, is determined in the off-season.

If you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact Coach Curry.

As always, thank you for your continued support of Chantilly Football!

Team News

3.0 months ago @ 11:15AM

Updates for the Week of January 31, 2022

Good Morning!

We hope everyone had a great weekend. Please see below for information regarding the off-season and dates for our spring and summer camps.

Off-Season Training

A full week of sessions will resume this week. All athletes not in Personal Fitness or playing a winter sport should make every effort to attend. Although the season seems far off, success in the fall requires year-round commitment, and slow, steady, consistent progress begins in January. Successful teams train hard together year-round. Sessions are Monday/Wednesday/Friday 3:10-4:10.

The easiest way to train consistently and with teammates is to enroll in Personal Fitness. We have 55 members of the program, sophomores through seniors, enrolled in PFit this year. 

Off-Season Point System 

Please take a moment to review our Off-Season Point System. We established these criteria following the 2017 season to further incentivize participation in off-season activities. However, we have been fortunate that most of our athletes have been intrinsically motivated to do well in recent years; therefore, the leaderboard only served as an additional form of healthy competition and accountability. 

The concept is simple: do right and earn points. Outside of losing points for negative behaviors, this system is based entirely on rewarding positive behaviors, not punishing negative behaviors. Several athletes have provided feedback regarding incentives/rewards and helped shape the criterion. The most frequently identified incentive was the selection of equipment and jersey numbers; therefore, among other rewards and recognition throughout the off-season, the top point earners will have the first choice of equipment and jerseys numbers.

There are plenty of opportunities to rise (or fall) on the leaderboard throughout the off-season. Please find the Scoring Criteria here

Camp Dates

We have confirmed the dates for our two pre-season camps. After a two-year pause, "Combo Camp" is back. Combo camp is split into segments, Line of Scrimmage players in one session and skill position players in another. Combo Camp is the week of June 6-10. 

Like last year, we will attend Team Camp at Westfield HS. Team camp is the week of July 18-21

More information to follow! 

As always, thank you for your support of Chantilly Football!

Team News

3.0 months ago @ 12:00PM

Updates for the Week of January 24, 2022

Good Afternoon:

Workouts will resume this week starting Wednesday. We will continue to follow our schedule of M/W/F 3:10-4:10 pm. If there is no school, we will not conduct workouts unless otherwise communicated. 

Personal Fitness is the best way to meet the strength requirements necessary to become a successful athlete. It is highly encouraged that all athletes enroll in PFit. Please reach out to Coach Curry if you have questions!

As always, thank you for your support of Chantilly Football!

Team News

4.0 months ago @ 6:10PM

Updates for the Week of January 10, 2022

Good Evening:

Happy 2022! We hope everyone had a restful, safe, healthy Winter Break and start to the new year. With the new year, we have also turned our team page to 2022. Information and dates will be updated frequently.  

We are still waiting to hear from the third parties who run our spring passing leagues and summer camps; we do not yet have confirmation for the start of fall practice, but we anticipate the date to be August 1, 2022. 

Before we discuss the official start of the off-season, we would like to thank the players and families in the class of 2022 one more time. A special thank you to Meredith and Butch Kinerney for their support, dedication, and tireless efforts to support the program over the last five years. Thank you for taking the lead on so many unsung, behind-the-scenes tasks!


We will continue to follow county guidelines regarding COVID mitigation, and consequently, there will be NO AFTER SCHOOL WORKOUTS this week. If permitted, we will revaluate the week of January 17. 

If an athlete is a "Charger In Good Standing," they may attend Charger Time sessions this week instead. There will be limited spaces during CT. 


Our off-season leadership meetings will begin this month. More information to follow!


There is a virtual Curriculum Fair tomorrow during Advisory. Please review the previous blasts that shared information about the importance of taking Personal Fitness as sophomores and juniors. The increased enrollment directly correlated with our increased success on the field.

Athletes enrolled in PFit:

  •  are not expected to attend after school workouts
  • do not have to choose between developing as an athlete with strength training or playing multiple sports
  • have one less class with homework and can dedicate more time to the core subjects that matter most to college admissions
  • have time to pursue other interests, sports, and jobs/hobbies

The successful programs in Northern VA follow this model; this approach is not unique to Chantilly. 

Please reach out to Coach Curry if you have questions!

Have a great week!

As always, thank you for your support of Chantilly Football!