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Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School


Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School

Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School

Team News.

Team News

2 years ago @ 10:28AM

Rising Freshman Interest Meeting

The Chantilly Golf Program will be hosting a Meet the Coaches night and Interest Meeting on Tuesday March 15th from 6-7pm in the Driver's Ed room at Chantilly High School.  Please park near Entrance 5 and enter the building for easy access to the Driver's Ed room - Room 567.

All current 8th graders, both boys and girls, planning on attending Chantilly High School and wanting to play golf in high school should plan on attending.  All players and their parents are welcome to come anytime between 6-7pm to meet the coaches, ask questions and learn the details of the upcoming Fall Season.  

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Sporkmann at


Team News

7 years ago @ 6:36AM

Girl's Club Golf Team Information

Chantilly High School Girl's Club Golf is a club that is open to any girl who attends Chantilly High School and is interested in playing golf as a representative of Chantilly High School.  Our club consists of girls who enjoy golf, want to play and compete but may not have the playing experience or competitive experience to qualify them for the Varsity CoEd team. 


Many of the members of the club have some experience with golf and have instruction from a private instructor.  However, it is not necessary to have a private instructor.  Those interested in joining the Club are encouraged to practice and compete year round to ensure their experience during the season is optimal.  The coaches can provide names of instructors, suggestions for equipment and tournaments to compete in.


Tryouts are held at the same time as the CoEd team's tryouts.  These usually take place the first Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in August.  Tryouts consist of a skills evaluation and least 2 9-hole scores.  Players with a passion and desire to learn the sport, demonstrate coachability, work ethic, and a plan to become better are given consideration to be a member of the Girls Golf Team.

Equipment and Practice

The club does not provide equipment other than golf bags (when available) and team shirts.  Practice is held both together and separate from the CoEd golf team.  This is announced well in advance.  Practice will consist of range practice and ocassionally playing 9-holes.  Our home course is Pleasant Valley in Chantilly and our home range is Virginia Golf Academy in Clifton.  Practices will be structured to emphasize improvement in the players consistency, short game skills, and course management.  It is vital that the players know and understand the rules of golf as they are responsible for their ball and score in all competitive tournaments.  We will review the rules throughout the season, however, the player must learn them on their own as well. 


Competitive matches will be scheduled with other Girls Golf Teams from throughout the area.  This is dependent upon the number of girls we have on the team in any given year.  At minimum, the team would need 4 players on the girls team to play competitive 9-hole matches.  Regardless of the number of 9-hole team matches that are scheduled, the preparation for all the players will be to qualify and play in the Northern Region Zone Qualifier as an individual and the Virginia State Girls Open Golf Tournament.  Those players able to break 50 in a competitive 9-holes will qualify for the Zone Qualifier.  The top 20% of the field in the Zone Qualifier will move on to the State Open Golf Tournament. 


The coaches will evaluate the player throughout the season.  All players who are able to play at 85% of the Boys yardage in any tournament or qualifier will be considered for participation on the CoEd Team.  Chantilly High School has a tradition of a Region and State competitive team, so all players, boys and girls are encouraged to practice and play with the intent on competing at the highest level.
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