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Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School


Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School

Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School

Team News.

Team News

1 week ago @ 12:21PM

Chantilly Basketball 2020-21

Hello all, my name is Coach Rodney Carmichael the new Varsity Head Coach at Chantilly High School.  It’s both an honor and a privilege to accept this position and lead this program.  The next couple of months will be a new experience for all involved in the high school basketball season, from parents to student athletes to coaches, officials and administrators.  In order to make this as enjoyable as possible we will all need to come together and create a positive experience atmosphere. With that being said, the schedule for this upcoming season has been altered and adjusted to provide our students an opportunity just to play and participate. This season will begin much later than normal, starting with tryouts on December 7th, 2020. 

For those that are interested in trying out it is imperative that all required paperwork is completed prior to that date.  We will have conditioning sessions hopefully in October sometime provided that we are allowed to by FCPS.  If that is possible you will be required to have paperwork completed before participating in conditioning sessions.  

Paperwork that has to be completed prior to conditioning, tryouts and sports activities are the following;


Emergency Care Card

Concussion Certifications


Any questions about the required paperwork can be addressed by Head Athletic trainer:

Katelyn Bishop –


If you have questions or concerns I can be reached at


Thank you.
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