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Chargers Athletics

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Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School

Team News.

Team News

9 months ago @ 9:13AM

2020-21 SEASON

New updated score sheet and event cue sheet are loaded in the file for review.


Team News

9 months ago @ 7:42PM

2020-21 SEASON

Important Reminders

Virtual town hall Tuesday Dec.1 st.

Practice begins December 14 at 3:30 at CHS

Requirements for participation:

1. Current physical on file at CHS

2. Emergency Care Card on file and a hard copy for the coaches

3. Concussion testing completed thru CHS.

4. R-School registration for athletics.

5. 32oz of water per athlete per practice.


Team News

10 months ago @ 3:56PM

2020-21 SEASON


 I have a few update for the upcoming season which is still schedules to start on Dec. 14, 2020

1. All athletes must have an approved physical on file in the athletic department to be eligible to participate. NO exceptions!

2. Every athlete will be required to provide their own container for chalk and their own container of hand sanitizer. Also they will be solely responsible for their floor music. I have ordered chalk to distribute.

3. Social distancing will be required as is possible at practices.

4.  Coaches are required to wear a mask but will be permitted to spot as necessary for safety

5. Equipment will be clean after use.  We will have to use lysol or spray disinfectant on the vault, bars and beam.

6. Athletes will be required to wear masks at meets and social distance from the judges.  We will not present as is usual.

7. Meet structure may be adjusted so we use a warmup compete style rather than a full warm up before the meet s as was customary previously.  Therefore each team will warm up and compete on and event and then move to the next event.  Equipment will be cleaned between each team's use.

8.  I will be scheduling another zoom call soon.

Remember everything is fluid and may change.  I Will keep you informed.

Team News

11 months ago @ 12:12PM

2020-21 SEASON


July 27, 2020

VHSL Press Conference Recording/Executive Committee Meeting Recording


CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – Below are the links to Dr. Billy Haun’s press conference and the Executive Committee meeting. Please click on the link and download the recording file.


Dr. Haun Press Conference:


Executive Committee Meeting:


Model 3 – Condensed Interscholastic Plan.

  • Season 1 (Winter) December 14 – February 20 (First Contest Date – December 28)
    • basketball, gymnastics, indoor track, swim/dive, wrestling
  • Season 2 (Fall) February 15 – May 1 (First Contest Date – March 1)
    • cheer, cross country, field hockey, football, golf, volleyball
  • Season 3 (Spring) April 12 – June 26 (First Contest Date – April 26)
    • baseball, lacrosse, soccer, softball, tennis, track and field




Mike McCall

Director of Communications

Virginia High School League

1642 State Farm Boulevard, Charlottesville, VA 22911

434-977-8475   Fax 434-977-5943


Team News

11 months ago @ 12:07PM

2020-21 SEASON

Season Update

The 2020-21 season will begin December 14, 2020.  Please have your physical completed and on file with the athletics office.  No exception will be made for participation without a physical.