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Chargers Athletics

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Chargers Athletics

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7 months ago

Spring Track Pre-Season Info

2020 Spring Track Interest Meeting Agenda


Welcome to the 2020 season of Chantilly Charger Spring Track.  We are excited about this season.  That being said, we need to emphasize a few things on the administrative side that we require prior to practices getting started.


1) Coaching Staff:

  • Dr. Matt Gilchrist- Head Coach, Distance
  • Jason Franks- Head Coach- Sprints, Hurdles, Jumps
  • Anver Ansari- Asst. Coach- Throws
  • Lauren Soljanyk- Asst. Coach, Distance
  • Nora Raher- Asst. Coach, Distance
  • James Steck- Asst. Coach, Pole Vault/Weights
  • Andy Tramel- Asst. Coach, Jumps
    2). FORMS –DUE BY FRIDAY, February 8th

New Athletes (haven’t run in 2019-20)

Winter Track &/or Cross Country only Athletes

Athletes who did other sports in 2019-20

New Athlete Survey (online)

 Athlete Survey (online)

Athlete Survey (online)

Concussion Ed (online)

Spirit Pack (online order)

Emergency Care Card

VHSL Physical

Team Bible (online)

Team Bible (online)

Emergency Care Card

Drivers Form (if applicable)

Drivers Form (if applicable)

Spirit Pack (online order)


Spirit Pack (online order)

Team Bible


Team Jersey

Drivers Form (if applicable)



Team Jersey




All forms can be found at: (Spring Track Pre-Season Info).


3). SPIRIT PACK (Now being done online)-Students are responsible for purchasing their own uniforms.  It is the same uniform as used in winter track.  Each athlete is responsible for purchasing a singlet and shorts (boys)/briefs or boyshorts (girls).  In addition, we will be purchasing short sleeved team shirts, which will be worn to meets. Please note that these are the same uniforms as winter track, but the team shirt is different and must be purchased.


You need to purchase your jersey directly from Coach Gilchrist, by bringing in a check for $35, made out to CHS Track. Please put your name and size on the check. All other items are ordered on line, from Cassels Sports & Awards.


We will put in our order on Friday, February 28th.  If you have not made your order online before that, you may not be able to get your uniform. Your uniform is yours. If you choose to quit, your order is yours; we are not able to give refunds.  As such, please make sure that you are committed to this sport before making your purchases.


Please note that we offer a multitude of different sweatshirts, sweatpants and warmups.  Do not feel obligated to purchase everything, or a new set of sweats each season. They will be the same is indoors, if you ran in the winter. NOTE:  WE WILL ONLY ISSUE REFUNDS IF YOU TRYOUT AND DO NOT MAKE THE TEAM, NOT IF YOU CHOOSE TO QUIT. WE WILL GET YOU REFUNDS ON REQUIRED ITEMS. IF YOU ARE NOT CONFIDENT OF MAKING THE TEAM, PLEASE WAIT UNTIL TRYOUTS TO MAKE YOUR ORDER.

4). TRYOUTS: To qualify for participation, we have use a tryout system.  It is our thought that we wish to limit participation of the track team only to those people who have taken the care to condition themselves, and who are capable of meeting a performance standard.  It is important to us as coaches, and indeed, hopefully to you as athletes, that this team be acknowledged as a competitive group, and not simply as a running club that is open to anyone who feels like doing a sport, but not willing to prepare. 

The tryouts will be held over a four day period, Monday-Thursday, February 24th -27th  .  You must tryout in three “consecutive” events from:
100m dash, 200m dash, 400m dash, 800m run &1600m Run.The minimum standards are:


100m Dash

200m Dash

400m Dash

800m Run

1600m  Run













All Times are timed electronically




You will run one event, for time, on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. For those who do not meet a performance standard on either of the first three days, they will get a last chance in any event on Thursday. You must meet a standard in at least TWO of the events, and will be placed in your group, depending upon which event you qualify in (100m, 200m, 400m= sprinters), (200, 400, 800 = mid distance) & (400, 800m, 1600m= distance runners). Freshman must meet at least ONE of the standards to qualify.


For those athletes who are planning on being shot-putters, you will be required to meet the following standards:









24’ 6”

25’ 0”

26’ 0”


18’ 6”

20’ 0”

21’ 0”

22’ 6”









Friday, February 14th  – PAPERWORK IS DUE TO COACH FRANKS- Rm. 209 .


Friday, February 21st  - Absolute last day to join the track team. ALL PHYSICALS AND OTHER PAPERWORK MUST BE TURNED IN COMPLETELY, OR YOU WILL NOT BE PARTICIPATING THIS SPRING. (If you are cut from another sport, you must report by Monday, February 24th. , but only if you have signed up in advance, and submitted your paperwork. All other athletes are expected to tryout on February 24th-27th . We may make exceptions for winter athletes still in season, or dealing with injury, but ONLY if all paperwork is submitted on time).


Monday, February 24th  (2:00 pm)- Thursday, February 27th  @ 3:15 pm- Tryouts.


Monday, March 2nd  – FIRST DAY OF PRACTICE- on the track- be prepared for the weather, we will be outdoors-ready to work.


April 1st   - First Meet of the Season…..Really not that far away!!!



Please check regularly the CHS track & field website @ for announcements, and for forms needed.  Most communications will be done through the web, or email.


All forms can be found at: (Go to Pre-Season Info Menu).


Please note that it is expected that you check your email daily, in case there are announcements that may be made.  It is also advised that you use the team website (not the school website) regularly, to stay abreast of all events, news and announcements.  This may include reminders of certain dates, lineups for meets, meet results, directions to meets or meet schedule.  It is fully expected that you use this reference…please check it prior to contacting the coach with such questions.


Also, we do maintain a Facebook page “Chantilly HS Cross Country/Track & Field”.  We invite athletes & parents to join.  We use this to share announcements and other pertinent information, as well as photos.  Coaches Gilchrist & Franks serve as administrators, in order to keep it safe and appropriate.
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