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Chargers Athletics

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Chargers Athletics

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5 months ago by Dr. Matt Gilchrist

Cross Country Pre-Season Info


2020 Cross Country


Welcome to the 2020 Chantilly Charger Cross Country Team.  We are happy to have you, and applaud your decision to join. This is a sport which tests the body and mind, combining such individual efforts into a solid team and communal goal. We have set lofty goals for this fall, and anticipate a high level of success, borne only through hard work over the summer!


There is a lot to absorb at the beginning of the season. Please know that this applies to the returning veterans and to the rising freshman or CHS newcomer.  It is the expectation that you read everything carefully, and that you ask questions promptly.  It is important that everyone is on the same page from the get go…this is how strong teams are built.

Sign-up Information (in June)

Administratively, there are a few steps you need to undertake ASAP. All online pre-season info can be found at: (Go to Cross Country Pre-Season Page in Menu)



Due on August 1st

  • Cross Country Athlete & Parent Info Survey (Online)
  • Team Bible (online acknowledgment)
  • Athlete Concussion Ed (online)


  • VHSL Physical Form (dated after May 1st, 2020)
  • Emergency Care Card
  • Camp Forms (Permission Slip & Luggage Search Forms) (TBD)
  • Spirit Pack Orders must be made by Fri 8/7




Tryout Standards


We will hold our seasonal tryouts on Tuesday, August 4th. You MUST be present to tryout. Failure to show may result in not running this fall. If you are going to be absent on August 6th, you must notify Coach Gilchrist NO LATER THAN August 1st, AND HAVE IT EXCUSED. (ie: Family Vacation may be excused; work schedule will not be excused). In the event of an excused absence, make-up tryouts will be held on Friday, August 7th.


The tryouts will be held on our two-mile course at Burke Lake. The tryout standards are as follows:

Boys: Freshman - 15:00; (first year) Sophomores- 14:30; Upperclassmen: 14:00

Girls: Freshman- 17:00; (first year) Sophomores- 16:30; Upperclassmen: 16:00


Athletes who come within ONE MINUTE (1:00) of the standards on August 4th, but do not meet the standard, will be placed in a probationary period. They must meet the standard by a second time trial on Friday, August 21st, in order to stay on the team. Freshmen who go through the tryout process, and finish within ONE MINUTE (1:00) will be kept on the team, providing they fulfill all other practice/team expectations. They will still be placed on a probationary period, until the standard is met. In this time, they will not be permitted to compete in any races (scrimmage or regular season), until they demonstrate a minimal level of fitness which would suggest that they may be "race-ready".


NOTE: Within the coach’s discretion, a veterans/upperclassman "probationary period" may be extended, if it the time is not met due to injury or illness, rather than a pure lack of fitness. Such medical issues may require documentation by the doctor as requested.



Please DO NOT HESITATE to email us if you have ANY questions of any sort. Your summer training is key to your seasonal success, and it is our jobs, and our pleasure, to help you adjust as necessary, especially if you are new.


Head Coach, Matt Gilchrist (703) 861-9642 (C)                                           

      Asst. Coach Lauren Soljanyk                                                                 

    Asst. Coach Andrew Tramel                                                                              

      Asst. Coach, Anver Ansari                                                                                 


  1. Provide me with your personal data for my database ( This will also include parent contact info. PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR PARENTS TO ENSURE EMAIL ACCURACY!


  1. Make plans to get a VHSL Physical TODAY! Do NOT wait until August to get one. Formal practices start on August 3rd ; you will not be allowed to practice without one. You must use the proper form, which can be found on our team page (Note:  it must be the 2017 version of the VHSL Physical Form). Make sure that ALL signatures are completed, and that insurance information is given. If you do not have insurance, see me ASAP. There is inexpensive student insurance available through the school, but it needs to be done in advance.


  1. All forms, except your physical, are to be submitted to me at Chantilly HS NO LATER THAN Saturday, August 1st. They can all be downloaded from our team website,


  1. SPIRIT PACKS- Every athlete is required to purchase a spirit pack, which includes their uniform: (team shirt, singlet, shorts/spandex). Please note that the shirt and shorts are the same from last year, while the jersey is going to be different from last fall.  Orders for your spirit pack (except for the jersey) will be online with Cassel’s Sports & Awards.  Jerseys will be sold by the team, and will need a check, made out to CHS Cross Country, with your name and size on it.  Additional items (sweats, hats, warmups, etc) will also be available on our team store.  Orders will be put in on Friday, August 7th (after tryouts).  If you are not sure if you are going to make the team (or if you will tryout), please wait to order your spirit pack.  We will only give refunds to REQUIRED items purchased by those who tryout and don’t make the team.


  1. Purchase a GOOD pair of RUNNING shoes. These should be a pair of shoes that are just for training, and not for everyday wear. These should not be basketball shoes, tennis shoes, or cross trainers. I recommend going to a running specialty store, such as Potomac River Running or Pacers. These stores are owned and managed by runners and offer discounts for HS athletes. Moreover, they will help fit you with a shoe that is appropriate for your feet.


  1. Keep track of all announcements/info by checking our team website ( regularly. We also use a Facebook group, titled "Chantilly HS Cross Country/Track & Field". We invite and encourage all athletes and parents to join our group in order to stay informed. We will also use the REMIND app.  Please sign up at:


  1. Please study your workout schedule carefully. Starting is always the hardest part. Select the appropriate group, contact your teammates, and start running.


  1. Team Camp- We hold a team camp in Lost River, WV, scheduled from Monday, August 10th-Thursday, August 13th.  While this is not mandatory, it is an important function, both for team building and for training.  If you make the team, we would like everyone to attend. (NOTE:  This will be subject to COVID-19 restrictions this year, according to VHSL policy).



Ben French, Emma Lenz, Elizabeth Wu


Coaches’ Goals

  • Both teams (Boys and Girls) advancing to the state meet
  • Boys & Girls competing for conference, regional and state championships as a TEAM!
  • Building a solid team based on mutual respect for yourselves and your teammates
  • Having a maximum number of athletes placing at the district meet


Within the context of these pursuits:

  1. Daily self-improvement, both physically and mentally.
  2. Development of “we, not me” attitude.
  3. Measurable increase in strength, endurance, flexibility and speed.
  4. Respect for teammates, school, coaches, parents, opponents and sport.
  1. Foster a spirit of admiration, if not love, for our sport through study, introspection, and competition.

­­­­­­­“Somewhere in the world someone is training when you are not. . .When you race him, he will win!”.  

Tom Fleming’s Boston Marathon training sign on his wall (HE WON!)



Pushups- Between sets of stretching- BEFORE & AFTER (8 sets) (Males- 21; Females- 16)

Abdominal Exercises- 4 sets of crunches/Chinese thinkers/side-to sides/etc

On two of your easy days a week, finish off your run with 6-8 75-100m striders, preferably on grass



Substituting running w/cycling, rollerblading, swimming, etc will only make you a good cyclist, rollerblader, or swimmer. Cross training is to be SUPPLEMENTAL, or for injury substitution.

Contact Coach Gilchrist ASAP if you are developing injuries to work out a plan.










Purple: Veterans who have maintained fitness since March (in Purple or Silver Group)

Silver: Veterans who have not run since last fall or winter track (no spring track)

White: Beginners who have never done cross country or track before



***Throughout all our seasons coaching , it’s been one of the few constants in Cross-Country that the top TEAMS are the ones who have consistently trained together over the entire summer.


NOTE:  Due to COVID-19 restrictions set forth by the VHSL, there are no official conditioning sessions this summer.  Your training will be on your own.  You are welcome, within the confines of social distancing measures and limitations of safety and comfort, to train with your teammates in smaller groups, but we are not allowed (as June, 2020) to hold any full-team group conditioning sessions until official practices in August.


The workout schedule is a suggested schedule.  Please do not feel intimidated by it;  it is only meant to guide you in your training, leading us to team success. Follow it as well as you can, as it is designed with a progression towards the season as a whole in mind.   The key to successful cross-country training is consistency, and RUNNING!  If you need to start off lower, please talk with Coach G, and then work up to a higher level.  You can modify dates to accommodate travel schedules, with the idea that you are alternating your hard/easy days.


Understand that this progression should be followed.  August pre-season practices will operate on the assumption that you have trained all season.  If you start late, do not start w/mid-summer workouts, but start at the beginning. You must build your foundation- your DISTANCE BASE! (Nature’s’ rule, not mine)


Select your group carefully. Choose your ability group appropriately, so that you can build yourself up gradually and minimize the chance of injury.  Each group is designed to bring you up to speed by the time practices start in August. I am especially adamant about the beginners doing the white workouts, until I have gotten a chance to evaluate you. Coaches will approve your grouping, and when it is appropriate to move up.  In order to avoid injury, you must follow the training schedule chosen for you.


If you are not sure what group is appropriate, please consult with Coach Gilchrist to help determine what group best fits your current level of fitness.
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