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Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School


Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School

Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School

Team Files.

2017 Cross Country Forms & Signup Information Packet

2017 Cross Country Forms & Signup Information Packet- Please read carefully and heed all items (ie: completing Athlete and Parent Info Surveys online, and turning in all forms on time.

2017 Cross Country Camp Info Packet

This is all forms and information regarding our team camp, from August 14th-17th. This is a very important event, and considered to be an expectation for all members, but limited to the first 60 athletes.

2017 Cross Country Spirit Pack Form

Please submit this form to Dr. Gilchrist, indicating that you have made your order online, or that you are not making any purchase. Spirit Pack purchases must be made online at: CHS Cross Country Online Store. (

FCPS Emergency Care Card

All athletes must submit an Emergency Care Card once per year.

VHSL Physical Form (2016 Form)

Please use this VHSL physical form for all athletic physicals, and submit it prior to the first practice.

2017 Cross Country Summer Workout Calendar

Please keep in mind that your summer conditioning is KEY to a successful season. Start NOW....but start with week shortcuts to building fitness. We hope to see you at conditioning in July, on Monday & Wednesday (7 am) at CHS, Thursdays (7 am) at Walney Pond (EC Lawrence Park), and Fridays (7 am) at Lees Corner Elementary.

2017 Blue Ridge Running Camp

This is aimed more for advanced runners, from July 23-28. It is certainly suggested, but not required.

2016 Cross Country Workout Types

Written by Hall of Fame Coach Barry Mensh, this packet explains some of the different types of workouts we do, and the benefits for a cross country runner.

Running is a Hobby

Essay written by 2005 Cross Country state champion and Footlocker Finalist, Brad Siragusa.

2017 Cross Country Meet & Practice Schedule

This has all of our dates, times and locations for practices and meets throughout the pre-season and regular season. Please set them aside ASAP.

2017 Cross Country Forms List

Please check to see if you owe any forms still. If a certain column is colored, you have not turned in that form. If there is a notation, you are missing part of the form (ie: Insurance Info for the Physical; or the Luggage Search form for Camp). If it says $ Needed, that is self-explanatory (re: camp). Most of these forms are self-explanatory. The Athlete Info, & Parent Info, are online surveys, and can be accessed above.Please fill these out completely. If you believe that this is in error, bring it to my attention, but I would still prefer that you simply print out the form again, and re-sign it. I will admit to any error I make, but when it comes down to it, if your form is missing, it is missing. Please get them in ASAP.

2017 Cross Country Pre-Season Meeting Agenda

Please review to make sure you understand what is expected of you, from the July 29th, 2017 Pre-Season Meeting.

2017 Cross Country Team Bible

(SIGN & RETURN LAST PAGE ONLY)The last page must be initialled and signed by parents and athletes in each section, referring to the attendance/cut policy, and other team rules.

2017-18 FCPS Extra Curricular Policy Form

(SIGN & RETURN LAST PAGE ONLY)These refer to the county rules regarding drug/alcohol use, as well as other guidelines governing athletic behavior. This will be reviewed each season.

2017 Pre-Season Workout Schedule

Please note the times/locations for each of the practices during preseason (August 1st-25th). Athletes are expected to attend all workouts unless otherwise excused by Coach Gilchrist.

2017-18 FCPS Drivers Form

We will allow juniors and seniors to drive to certain local practices and meets, with parental consent, assuming their are licensed drivers. They may only drive themselves, or a sibling (w/parental consent). At no time may another student drive a teammate. (NOTE: This applies to meets/practices that we have a bus to anyways....not to a practice at Manassas Battlefield, Lees Corner, or Walney Pond). Driving to meets will be at the discretion of Coach G.

Be sure to check out the General Files page for additional files.
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