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Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School

Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School

Team News.

Team News

3 weeks ago @ 9:31PM

Chantilly Chargers Boys Tennis beat the Oakton Cougars 6-3!

Chantilly Boys Tennis Team beat the Oakton Cougars Friday, away at Nottaway Park 6-3!

The Chargers, now 5-0, had their toughest challenge so far this season against the Oakton Cougars. Missing Manu at #2, the Chargers had to sub for that position however they didn't let that bother them and won ever other singles match and went up 5-1 at the end of singles and at that point they had won the match.

Thanks to our top six, Will, Manas, Aiden, Akhil, Keith, and Vadu. This match was not easy but they all came to play and it showed.

Congratulations to our CHARGERS for an outstanding performance! 




Team News

4 weeks ago @ 11:27AM

Today's Match with Lake Braddock is Postponed

Today's Match (3/21) with Lake Braddock is Postponed.


A Make-Up date has not yet been determined.

Team News

1 month ago @ 12:29PM

Match with Woodson Today, March 8th, is Cancelled

Match with Woodson Today, March 8th,  is Cancelled

Team News

5 months ago @ 1:25PM

Chantilly 2019 Tennis Team Pre-Season Interest Meetings

2019 Chantilly Boys Varsity Tennis News -

We will be having two interest meetings before the season. One will be Monday, December 3rd at 3:15 in the cafeteria. The second will be at the end of January, TBD, so we can see who we have coming back and plan on the number of slots that we may need to fill.

If you are interested in being part of the 2019 Chantilly Boys Tennis Team please click on the link below and fill out the Google Form prior to the meeting.

Also as you know we need multiple documents completed before you can step on to the courts. Below are links to those documents or links to the location where the concussion training can be completed. Everything MUST be completed before the first day of Try-Outs!

If you know of anyone that would benefit the team by trying out please pass on this information.

The forms that need to be completed, signed by you and a parent, and turned in to Coach Sciabica PRIOR to trying out are:

  1.      Physical Exam Form – Completed May 1st, 2018 or later
  2.      Emergency Care Card
  3.      Participation Policy - DOC --- Participation Policy - PDF
  4.      Parent and Student Concussion Education (online through FCPS, click the appropriate link)

Optional Forms:

    1. Driver Form Parent
    2. Driver Form Student

Alternately the forms are located at following link:

Coach Datta –

Coach Sciabica –

Team News

2 months ago @ 2:53PM

Final Interest Meeting for the 2019 Boys Tennis Team, Tuesday, February 5th at 3:10 PM in the cafeteria


We have been receiving some questions about the forms that are due by the first day of tryouts to be able to even step on the courts. If you don't have everything completed, you can not tryout until you do and that will greatly affect whether you will be selected for the team. Tryouts will take place Tuesday, February 19th, through the Friday, February 22nd.


1. If you have already played in a Fall or Winter sport and you, and one of your parents, have completed the concussion training you do not have to redo those for tennis. The coaches get a report and can verify that those have been completed. If you haven't you must do the training prior to trying out. 


2. If you have a current physical on file for the 2018-2019 school year for any sport and has been completed May 1st, 2018 or later you do not need a new one since the coaches receive a report on the students that have valid physical on file. If you don't, you must have a physical turned in to either of the Athletic Trainers, Ms. Bishop or Mr. Boss prior to trying out. The Coaches will use the electronic list that we receive from Ms. Bishop or Mr. Boss for current Physicals on file, and for Concussion Training for both player and parent, to determine your eligibility to try out. Don't wait until the day of tryouts to turn in your physical form or complete concussion training because you will miss a day of tryouts...


3. We DO need both an Emergency Care Card and a 2018-2019 Participation Policy filled out for each player that wants to tryout for the 2019 Spring Boys Tennis team. The coaches keep those with us throughout the season. These must be turned in to Coach Sciabica prior to tryouts or you can not participate. An optional drivers form may be necessary for either you or your parents to drive you to a match if there is an issue with school transportation or a personal emergency. Generally we get a few drivers and can transport the entire team in this manner. It is not a requirement. We will discuss this more at the meeting.


All forms and information are available on: 


Plus if you haven't already done so please go to the following link and fill out the Contact Information Form prior to the Tuesday, February 5th  meeting. FYI, FCPS email addresses ( will not work for us because we can not send email to those addresses from outside FCPS. 


We will see everyone on Tuesday, February 5th at 3:10 in the cafeteria. 


Team News

1 month ago @ 9:47AM

First week of Tennis Practice

First actual practice will be this Monday, February 25th. Practice starts at 3:15 sharp because the girl’s team is coming in behind us. Especially until Daylight Savings time starts on Sunday March 10th. Secondly, Spring Parents meeting will be this Tuesday 2/26/2019, 7PM, in the Auditorium – Tennis breakout Room 123

We post Team Information frequently on: Always check this website for UPDATES and CANCELLATIONS. The information on the webpage is always updated first followed by an email to our distribution list. We generally only email parents when there are items that we want to make sure they are aware of. If you would rather not receive updates through email please let us know so we can remove your email address from the email distribution list. A copy of the match schedule is located at the following link. 2019 Chantilly Boys Tennis Schedule

We do need parent help. In past years food has been provided for the players for each match, home and away. It would be great if we had a few parent volunteers to organize this for the team. If you are willing to help out please let the coaches know. Last year we used Sign Up Genius and that worked great.

If we have issues with the bus cancelling on us, which happened a couple times last year, we must have forms submitted for each player to be driven to the away match in private vehicles, Field Trip form. In addition we will need enough private vehicles to transport the players to the match which requires a separate form completed for the driver. Links to all of these forms are available at:

To make sure we are covered for any situation (i.e. the bus cancels) we need every PLAYER to complete a Field Trip form and one PARENT to complete the Driver form ASAP. If any player is available to drive they will also need to fill out a STUDENT Driver form. Please complete both Part I. DRIVER and Part II. INSURANCE areas and have your player return these forms to the Tennis mailbox in Mr. Bowerman’s office as soon as possible.

Your child must ride the bus to and from the away matches unless the appropriate forms are completed, and transporting your child has been approved by the coach. However this does not allow other players to be transported in your vehicle. Any additional players would also need to have completed a Field Trip form submitted. Again, to ride in a private vehicle a player must have a field trip form submitted through the Coach for each individual away match to the DSA, plus agreed by the coach.

Important items in review:

  1. SPRING PARENTS MEETING: Tuesday 2/24/2019, Auditorium – Tennis breakout Room 123
  2. PICTURES: The team will have its picture taken on Monday, March 4th. I believe there is also an opportunity for individual player pictures.
  3. Driver Parents Form – (We need one completed by every family)
  4. Driver Student Form – (Only needed if player drives)
  5. Field Trip Form – (We need one from every player)

NOTE: We plan to have all Driver and Field Trip forms submitted to the DSA’s office by Friday March 1st. Please get them completed ASAP and in the tennis mailbox!

All completed forms should be returned to the tennis mailbox in Mr. Bowerman’s office, not to the coach.

Any questions, as always please email the Coaches. 

Thank you for your support! We are looking forward to a great season this year!

Coach Datta and Coach Sciabica
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